For Educators

Resources to teach the next generation of farmers and gardeners

Farm to Early Care and Education Resources

Rooted is proudly developing free Wisconsin farm to ECE resources for ECE providers, support organizations, food service staff, and food producers in the state.

Resources include information on purchasing local foods and preparing healthy snacks; hands-on learning about food and nutrition; gardening with young childre; and more.

Wisconsin School Garden Network

The Wisconsin School Garden Network (WSGN) is growing youth garden movement in our state by offering support for new and existing gardens that serve Wisconsin’s youth and the educators, volunteers, and all people who make these gardens possible.

WSGN is building a community of support for educators across the state to connect with and learn from each other.

Gardener-in-Residence Program

Through our Gardener-in-Residence Program, one of our experienced garden educators will work in your garden, with your students and teachers as the gardener-in-residence instructor, leading weekly outdoor gardening sessions and supporting school staff to use the garden as a dynamic outdoor learning environment.

Teaching in Nature's Classroom

Rooted, Life Lab, and the Wisconsin School Garden Network present Teaching in Nature’s Classroom, an online course for educators new to outdoor and garden-based learning, as well as educators who are experienced in the field, to consider best practices and reflect on their own teaching practice in outdoor learning environments, with a focus on school and community youth gardens.
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